July 24, 2024

SAP Business Technology Platform

Understand the "Why" — not just the "How" and the "What" — of SAP BTP (A Blog by Bob Sakalas)

Too often, the cool innovation projects that capture the attention of the C-Suite go to other development teams within a company. The SAP developers usually spend their days working on “core” stuff for Finance, procurement, or HR, not game-changing new apps to help drive greater customer engagement. This makes it hard to demonstrate the value of your team as creative innovators and makes it difficult to attract new young and enthusiastic talent to your group.

SAP-side technology leaders rarely put their hand up in the meeting and say “we can do that project better” than the mobility team, or the IOT team, or the data team, even though, many times, SAP data and SAP integration is crucial to the success of the project. The result is that those teams not only have the fun, they get the glory, and perhaps faster promotions as well.

It does not have to be this way!

SAP invented the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to make modern innovation fast and simple, while securely connecting and integrating with your core applications. It is the perfect environment to create awesome new stuff, a complete toolbox of over 100 services and capabilities to make “awesome” happen.

In the past, BTP components were licensed by the individual service, which slowed things down. Anytime a new project needs new licensing, yet another department already has everything that they need, you are unlikely to be given the opportunity on the project. Luckily, this has been completely fixed, commercially, with the CP Enterprise Agreement (CPEA).

CPEA is like buying credits on a Dave & Busters game card. If you are not familiar with Dave & Busters, they operate large format video game centric entertainment establishments in the U.S. Once your card has credits, they can be used on any video game in the building. You only wind up using credits on the games that you decide to play so there is no waste. Likewise, CPEA credits are only used on the BTP services that you need at the current time, yet it gives you access to the entire toolbox. SAP uses BTP for all its innovation to develop apps and capabilities in a nimble and well-thought-out way, and so can you.

If you license via the CPEA, you will be ready when an executive (or a customer) wants a chatbot to check if an item is in stock, or if a drone needs to do safety inspections before your location opens to the public. Your team will be much happier if they get to work on the cool, visible stuff every now and then. Innovation helps put new life, new excitement, a new spring in people’s step.



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