July 24, 2024

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Modern Analytics with SAC

As I discussed in my HANA post, SAP is helping customers become real-time enterprises, able to accomplish extraordinary things using the same copy of the data, eliminating much of the data movement and transformation all over your enterprise. Data that doesn’t match, data from different points in time, and data in incompatible formats drives so much of the “multiple-versions-of-the-truth” quagmire most companies find themselves in.

Business intelligence, analytics, and planning have suffered because of these data transformation and movement realities. If you have to extract your data from one or more systems and move it to yet another specialized server so that your analytics software can then create dashboards, you are not going to become a real-time business. It is really hard to drive your speeding car down the curvy highway if you are staring only in the rear-view mirror. Yet executives, all too often, try to steer their companies while looking at last month’s results.

SAP has ushered in a brand new era of analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, also known as SAC. SAC really shines for any customer that uses SAP application core software, offering great storytelling capability, making it easy to create new stories and dashboards on the fly, while connecting to your live data where it lies, either on-premises or in the cloud. SAP has done all the heavy lifting to make sure security is air-tight, supporting all the expected enterprise protocols and single-sign-on capabilities.

Too often in the “specialist” business intelligence market, vendors offer niche capability. SAP Analytics Cloud , on the other hand, is much more comprehensive, offering integrated capabilities for analytics, planning, and predictive challenges in a single platform, enabling great “what if” functionality for executives. SAC offers augmented and advanced analytics, incorporating chat-bots to help users get to the answers quickly and naturally. As with Cloud Platform, SAC offers lots of great content to help customers accomplish a lot in little time, including data stories, visualizations, templates, training, and data models.

Modern analytics don’t move the data. Through secure live connections, great pre-built content, and a comprehensive approach to analytics and planning, SAP Analytics Cloud helps customers become a simplified, real-time business. SAP is busy embedding SAC within many of our applications to offer great ‘starter’ capabilities, while SAC enterprise subscribers enjoy broader capabilities.

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