April 14, 2024

SAP Business Technology Platform

Understand the "Why" — not just the "How" and the "What" — of SAP BTP (A Blog by Bob Sakalas)

Why add SAP BTP for App Dev & Integration?

In short, SAP Business Technology Platform helps companies become nimble, adapt to change, and maximize the value of their I.T. investments to date. BTP adds flexibility to adapt and overcome.

Prefer video? Here is a good, concise overview: Why BTP Video

In everything we do,

SAP believes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts to maximize value gained from enterprise systems.

After 50 years of computerization, most successful companies have rigid, massively complex I.T. systems.

SAP created two suites — the SAP Integration Suite and the SAP Extension Suite — as a key application development pillar of our Business Technology Platform. They were invented to abstract core systems and simplify innovation for large corporations, letting our customers adapt to change 5X to 10X faster, while flawlessly integrating enterprise systems and customizing off-the-shelf applications.

Corporate I.T. systems have become excessively complex. Every department has added applications over time, making independent and often incompatible decisions, then asked I.T. to make it work together. 700 or 1,500 or 3,000 applications later, the complexity is now killing your I.T. team, which is also drowning in new application backlog requests.

Mergers and acquisitions double and triple the complexity because you inherit another equally complex hairball of apps. The growth of entrenched departmental silos adds to the difficulties. Finally, the quest for ever greater digitalization in every department is driving urgent demand for new apps and analytics. Per Gartner Group, this demand is growing exponentially, 5X faster than the team’s capability to advance using traditional methods.

It is time to do things differently.

The Immediate Problem to Simplification

Corporate systems are tightly-coupled, like the gears of a mechanical watch. When I.T. makes changes, comprehensive testing is required, resulting in runaway expense and lost time. This is why new releases are slow-moving and business departments are frustrated at the pace of change.

The tightly-coupled-gears model must change.

Enterprise I.T. architecture must transform from this mechanical watch model with tightly interlocking gears to one that looks more like a modern smartwatch. Adding, modifying, or deleting apps on a smartwatch has no effect on core timekeeping, health, or notifications because of abstraction APIs and secure connectors, keeping the core functions working and unaffected by the periphery.

SAP can help Modernize your Approach

Because of rapid growth and many acquisitions, SAP had this same problem in our own house.

We perfected a best-practices blueprint and created the unique BTP platform to solve the growing complexity problem, while embracing the tricky new world of mixed on-premise and cloud computing. You need a comprehensive cloud-based [business process + technology] platform to make this modern architecture hum.

The unique SAP Business Technology Platform enables the abstraction of back-end systems-of-record from front-end systems-of-innovation for the largest companies on earth. In our own shop, SAP delivers daily innovations to our 90,000+ employees, 400,000+ customers, and more than 1,700 business partners.

We have the experience, and the technology, to help you overcome your complexity chasm.

Now or Never: Go for Hero Status

Digital transformation is about becoming more nimble, more innovative, more able to change and thrive. Recent challenges in the economy have illustrated that the nimble companies who can change business processes on a dime are the ones most likely to survive and thrive. Tens of thousands of companies are leveraging BTP today to innovate better, at enterprise scale.

Doing things the same way will not keep up with demand.

SAP BTP offers state-of-the-art rapid development, low-code no-code capabilities, re-usable modules, and a tremendous amount of pre-written content.

Embrace the exciting new world, leverage SAP’s Business Technology Platform, and become a hero.



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