March 4, 2024

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Analytics Dashboards are not Enough

We (the collective I.T. industry) have been working on making enterprises smarter for the last 30+ years yet most companies have not cracked the code. It is clear that having the right data to answer the right question at the right time can have profound effects on profitability. All too often, the data analysis is slow and cumbersome, usually on data that is rather aged, rendered on dashboards that are often pretty, but not spot-on for what the users need.

Harvard Business Review did a survey that asked Fortune 500 C-level executives if they believed their company is now “data-driven” — 70% of executives said “no” — even though the vast majority of the these large corporations are spending more than $10M annually on gathering data, hiring Chief Data Officers, and data science practitioners.

The problem is that data insights are usually not integrated with the business process and the daily workflow. As it is the leader in enterprise applications and business process excellence, SAP is uniquely positioned to change that lack of cohesion. Check out this short video by SAP’s EU-based Innovation Evangelist Timo Elliott discussing what he learned at the Gartner London conference this year — it is well worth the watch:

Ripping data out of applications, moving data around, transforming it, rebuilding it, all to make a pretty dashboard, is the wrong idea. Playing the data where it lies, empowering the business users, and delivering insights in the enterprise applications, at the time a decision must be made, changes everything for the better: in fact, it is the foundation of an Intelligent Enterprise.


Bob Sakalas



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