July 24, 2024

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Understand the "Why" — not just the "How" and the "What" — of SAP BTP (A Blog by Bob Sakalas)

SAP Keynote: The Future of Enterprise Systems (and how to embrace the future while simplifying your approach)

My latest, greatest “full enchilada” keynote is now available, and it is all about making smart decisions to position yourself for enterprise systems success in 2030. The presentation runs about 50 minutes, with a bit of Q&A at the end. This was recorded late in 2023 and will be valid for most of 2024.

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Chapters to jump to:

  1. Let’s Predict the Future, Together
  2. The Prediction is a Network of Applications
  3. BTP Spoiler Alert
  4. Common Important Challenges Today
  5. How did We Get Here?
  6. Are Most Vendors Helping You Simplify?
  7. BTP in a Nutshell
  8. Modularity is the Solution.
  9. Simple Outline of BTP
  10. S4/HANA and BTP is a Magical Combination
  11. Clean Core is Crucial
  12. Summary of BTP’s Role and Key Benefits
  13. BTP is Evolving: Datasphere
  14. BTP is Evolving: Advanced Enterprise Mesh
  15. BTP is Evolving: Business AI
  16. Implement on Your Favored Infrastructure Cloud
  17. The Big Differences — BTP Simplifies, Reduces Technical Debt, Helps Companies Go Fast
  18. Three Examples of Leveraging BTP Well
  19. Two BTP Specialist Partners Making an Impact
  20. What the Future will Bring
  21. Q&A: Licensing Question
  22. More Information Links at the Close

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